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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

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Amylulita Manzanita


Referred to as “Manzanita” (“Little Apple”) by her Spanish friends and a rockin’ DJ by her American ones, Amylu Meneses, better known as Amylulita, is one of the co-founders of Nacotheque, a well-known alternative Latin music party, and Le One Night Stand, a hidden gem of the New York nightlife that has come and gone. With her extensive knowledge of international party music, classic films, and kitsch, Amylu is a bit like nostalgia personified, with the pinup wardrobe and memories of world travel to match.

A fixture in the New York alternative party scene, Amylu has a long history of adding something new and different to what would otherwise be typical weekend fare. Though she grew up in Connecticut, you’d never guess it from looking at her beautiful tattoos and bold hairstyles, and certainly not from her music collection, something in which she places a great amount of diligence and pride.

It was truly an honor to have her take time from her busy schedule promoting events, organizing parties, and making what seems like a 5 mixes a minute to sit down with me back in May to talk about what led her to DJing, her involvement in the NYC alt party scene, and her consciousness of global music.

But Amylu is someone who hardly needs an introduction. I’d rather let her words speak for themselves. So take a moment, press play, and come with me to find out LISTEN TO: What’s Good? with la princesa of parties, Amylulita.

What's Good? Amylulita (Exclusive Interview) by RetailDJ

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