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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Hawt Headphones! Karl Lagerfeld, Lady Gaga, Michael Jackson, Daft Punk and more.

Headphones never looked so rad! Goodbye boring, black DJ headphones. Hello new obsession, designer headphones!

So much to drool over ranging from Karl Lagerfeld silver headphones to Lady Gaga Heartbeat headphones and headphones inspired by Michael Jackson's Thriller to Swarovski Crystal Bose headphones: $409 worth of bling. Maybe not all these are comfortable nor afforable, but darn they are cool and unique.

I recently ordered a new style of DJ headphones that I've only seen European DJ friends use at clubs. From now on I'll be DJing with a 50's style, RED TELEPHONE RECEIVER!! Can't wait to get it in the mail in about another week.

Take a look at my favorite selection of headphones and enjoy...

Swarovski Crystal Bose Headphones
Swarovski Crystalcrystals headphones from Hohenthaner have about 1000 diamonds placed precisely in position by hand. Hohenthaner specializes in jazzing up just about any product placed in their hands, and they will offer a choice of diamonds for your headphones.

You can pick from several styles: ice, black diamond, light siam, light peridot, rose, and sapphire. Bose headphones look simple and chic. And giving them the extra bling that is needed are the Swarovski.

The award winning Bose headphones are available at the obviously extravagant price of $409 and if you don’t want to spend so much money then you could opt for the version without diamonds which costs $140. Swarovski-Encrusted Headphones will be available for $2500.

Michael Jackson "Thriller" Headphones
Who can forget Michael Jackson’s “Thriller?” Michael Jackson’s Thriller is the bestselling album of all time – with 45 million worldwide sales powered by seven Top 10 U.S. singles and eight Grammy Awards.

In other words, Thriller was ground-breaking! It was all about breaking records. Its legacy is undeniable and its influence can be heard in today’s rap, pop, rock, soul, funk, and hip hop. But the memory of Michael Jackson should not only live on through his music. The King of Pop can also be remembered in a pair of Thriller Headphones.

The Thriller Headphones were created before the untimely death of MJ. Obviously, this pair of headphone which won the Nokia headset competition in 2008 is different from any ordinary headphone because this one has a quirky “Thriller” concept.

Only one pair was made by Nokia into a working model though. I hope that MJ’s death inspires Nokia to produce at least a limited edition run of the “Thriller” Headphones.

Parra x David Burel Headphones
Finnish birch wooden headphones by Parra, a dutch underground street artist who storms through the design world much like Banksy, but with more colors and graphic designs. People go crazy over his work and scour the streets around Amsterdam to find a piece of Parra’s poster. This headphone is a collaboration project with The Perfect Unison, and it is made of birch wood. The pinnacle interest of this piece of art is in the construction where it plyed and molded just like how skateboards are made.

This headset takes the form of skate decks made of Finnish birch by David Burel. Having only a thickness if 1.2 mm allows the lightweight headphones proper flexibility with impeccable sound quality.
€350 available here.

Lady Gaga Heartbeat Headphones
'Audio chic' seems to have got huge in the past year or so, with designer earphones and fashion cans cropping up everywhere. This distinctive-looking triangular set endorsed by Lady Gaga are pretty interesting.

Available in ruby red, black or chrome, they're high performance in-ear headphones, which deliver crystal clear sound. Even the little zip-up bag they come in is super chic, and would fit beautifully in your designer bag. €120 at Colette

Robot Rock Headset
Robot Rock headset by G Smith, inspired by Daft Punk track Robot Rock. These headsets also got position in the Nokia headset competition.

WeSC continues with their very popular collaboration headphone range. Their Bongo model will soon be released in collaboration with DimMak, Cassius, The Glimmers and the Blooody Beetroots. In terms of design you find anything from really colorful to more subtle black/white designs in the range. Look out for a release in July at Hanon

Hulger X Broken Hearts’ DJ Headphones
The team at hulger recently teamed up with the female DJ duo Broken Hearts to develop two-tone phone designed for mixing records. The phone plugs directly into the mixing unit and comes in two black and white colour combos.

When the user isn’t spinning records at the club, they can plug the handset into their mobile and use it like other hulger phones or even use it on their PC. the handset is manufactured by hulger and designed with a chunky retro form that recalls the analog telephones of the 1950’s. www.hulgershop.com / www.hulgershop.com/view?category=two_tone

Some more cool headphones...

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