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Monday, July 26, 2010

Hawt Fun In The City! My official Nacotheque Summer Mix ready for grabs!

New York City has been hawt, hawt, hawt. The sun is blazing and you start sweating as soon as you step out your door. Yuck. What I wouldn't give for a swimming pool on my rooftop...now that would be sweeeeeet!

Today I present you w/ the next best thing to cooling off in this heatwave; my latest DJ mix titled "Amylulita's Nacotheque Summer Mix" (ya, I know it's not that creative, but it fits). This mix has a bit of everything that I think would be a great soundtrack for the beach or for hanging out by the pool. It's prolly very different from my last bunch of mixes but they are some of my guilty pleasures.

There's some psychedelic cumbia from Colombia, hip hop from Spain, dance alt rock and electro from Mexico, Raggaeton from Puerto Rico, and much more. (BIG thanks to my baby brother Ryan Meneses for sending me the Spanish hip hop!) Hope you enjoy it.

Nacotheque Summer Mix by Amylulita by Amylulita
1. Fuego - Bomba Estereo
2. Chupala - Dogma Crew con Kase
3. Prefiero el Asfalto - Nina Dioz
4. No Mas Hip Hop - Los Mono
5. Nanai - Mala Rodriguez
6. PopzudaRocknRoll - EDU K
7. Bikini a Lunares Amarillos - The Sacados
8. La Vecina - Los Amigos Invisibles
9. Ejercicio #16 - Kinky
10. Nlaguita - Plastina Mosh
11. Nossa White Gosta Ft Zuzuka - Azu
12. Salta 2000 - King Africa
13. Yo Digo Baila - Mexican Institute of Sound
14. Okupa Final - Meneo
15. E Butanero - Leopardo No Viaja
16. Shake - Ying Yang Twins ft. Pitfull
17. Abrazame (Uproot Andy Mix) - Los Rakas
18. Paper Planes (M.I.A. cover) - Nina Dioz
19. Pela'o (Crookers remix) - Isa GT
20. ??? - Pit Pull
21. Te Ves Bien Buena - El General
22. Dile - ???
23. The Ramonaz Fashion - Ramoneo
24. El Tigeraso - Maluca
25. La hora de volve - Rita Indiana y Los Misterios
26. OMG We Got IT (Fiesta Remix) - Todosantos
27. Cuca Cola - Plastic Caramelo
28. Fiera de Vinil (Bonde Do Terror RMX) Sunsplash ft. Rio Neurotic Bass
29. Mi Delirio (Master Lujan Remix) - Anahi
30. Vama a la playa - Quiero Star
31. Uh Ah - Atomic Brain

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