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Saturday, March 13, 2010

WOW! Taiwan you are my reason to dance today...GO CHIC!

One of my bestest friends Andy Shaw is originally from Taiwan (He says he was "Made in Taiwan, Raised in NYC, Crafted in the U.S, Engineered in sub-culture.") I already know Taiwan brings me good luck with friends, but I had yet to find music from Taiwan that made me say "WOW" til now... Today one of my very good gal pals Maria sent me a link to a Taiwanese band called GO CHIC and I'm floored...dancing in my headphones!

I'm already a fan of asian groups like Shonen Knife, Melt Banana, The Boredoms, Pizzacato Five, Cibo Matto, and Kiiii, so it makes me happy to add a new group to the ever growing list of love!

GO CHIC is a dance/pop/punk/electro group which started in Taipei around 2007, current members are Sonia Lai (賴思勻), Ariel Zheng (鄭思齊), Sarah Wen (溫一珊). The band hit the scene with brightly colored tights and short shorts, laughing and joking with the crowd as they pumped out raw, catchy, dance-electro. Since then, GO CHIC has gained a male drummer-Winston Li (李昀璁), and graduated to silver tutus and a coveted place as one of Nike’s 10 top Taiwanese bands for the company’s NIKE SPORTSWEAR NIGHT PARTY. They've played with such notable acts as Vicarious Bliss(Ed Banger FR), Dandi Wind(CA), Shitdisco(Dim Mak UK), Death Is Not My Aim(JP), etc.

GO CHIC are gonna be at SXSW this year so please somebody check them out for me please!!??? March 20th - Spill @ SXSW Festival, Austin, Texas. BTW, their moto is "FUCK SAD SONGS AND SLOW JAMS, THIS IS GO CHIC!!!!!" THey sound like: Peaches, CSS, Le Tigre, The Teenagers(girl version!), Le Corps Mince De Françoise and supposedly have amazing stage performances like The Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

I think I'm a fan of the song Hardate (listen to the music video below) w/ the lyrics talking about a twisted female DJ who's just crazy fun!! Hmm, I'm diggin' GO CHIC. Their debut album "I am Confused" is independently released in March 2010 and is currently looking for a label! Friend them on Facebook.

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