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Friday, March 12, 2010

The Welcome Dynasty...rock n' roll in the bathroom stall!

So I'm latenight switching through youtube videos and I come upon a band called The Welcome Dynasty. It starts off with a good beat and looks like it's being filmed from a hidden camera in a club bathroom...Cool.

I keep listening and I'm totally digging the actual song called "Markus" and I'm wondering where are they from? England, America, Sweden, Norway, etc...NOPE! These dudes are from VALENCIA, SPAIN (Where my last name comes from "MENESES").

I hold a lot of AMOR for Spain for many reasons and three of them just so happen to be that 1. I'm part Spanish (mi papa era de EspaƱa y Mejico) 2. Spaniards know how to party 3. Spaniards know how to rock n' roll all night long...wait, is that just two different ways of saying "they like to party?" Ya, and I thank my mami and my papi for making me part of the Spanish Dolls!!! Gracias Karina y Guillermo Meneses <3

I recommend taking some time to listen to following songs on their Myspace page: Markus, Christine, and Streets Of London.

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