I live to love.


A self-professed “mixed-up kid” who’s a blend of crazy Latina, stubborn German and passionate Sicilian wrapped up in fair Welsh skin, Amylu Meneses was born to be a promoter, a trend setter, an idea maker, and a music junkie. By the tender age of 15, she was already a force to be reckoned with in her Connecticut hometown, where she frequently put together shows—doing everything from finding and renting the venues and booking bands to designing flyers and posters. Upon moving to New York City at 18, she studied graphic design and marketing while becoming an integral part of the nightlife scene.

After college, Amylu moved to Madrid for a year, studying Spanish and the discovering the local rock n' roll scene with equal fervor. Back in NYC,
Amylu began working with notable companies such VICE, BUST mag, Cornerstone, and Shaw Promotion promoting some of NYC’s top parties and integrating entertaining marketing strategies for Adult Swim, Nike, T-Mobile, Converse, Doc Martin's, Ben Sherman, Penguin, Campari, and many more.  In addition, she put her own unique twist on NYC’s music scene by launching the multilingual pop party “Le One Night Stand,” and later the Spanish-language indie dance party “Nacotheque,” which after four years is not only still going strong, but has toured the world.

Amylu has a knack for getting the word out through the grapevine and continues to inform, entertain, and educate with her own blog (amylulita.blogspot.com). Look for her wherever the action is—holding court at any event where music, art, culture and fashion converge,
spinning an envious selection of eclectic music, constantly scribbling down creative ideas in her notebook while downing an ice coffee, or just enjoying a sunny day of life.