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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Historias Breves (VI) por mi amigo Gonzalo Navas Medina

Historias Breves (VI) por mi amigo Gonzalo Navas Medina

18-Finalmente, después de haber imaginado ese momento mil veces en los últimos meses, no se dijeron nada, estaban sentados frente a frente, con las piernas cruzadas y tomándose las manos, esperando a que la megafonía anunciara su vuelo. Pudo pasar una hora, pero se les hizo como tres segundos, tres segundos para recordar, tres segundos para decir adiós a demasiadas cosas que habrían dado para hablar una vida entera, pero que se pronunciaron en un silencio que sólo admitía una mirada, una mirada de despedida, de agradecimiento y de dolorosa felicidad. En la mente de ambos imágenes del futuro, de un futuro que la lógica y el sentido común gritaban que no sería tal, ¿qué le iban a hacer? eran demasiado jóvenes como para saber cómo son las cosas, pero demasiado jóvenes como para no permitirse soñar.

Aquello era un adiós a las personas que habían sido al conocerse y compartir sus vidas ese breve espacio de tiempo, probablemente lo recordarían siempre, esos momentos ya tenían sus propias canciones que lo habían grabado todo mejor que cualquier foto.

Luego abrazos, lágrimas y un tímido "adiós" a dúo. Pero nada de aquello fue la auténtica despedida. Vino después, después de separarse definitivamente. Ella pasó la línea de seguridad que separaba la zona de embarco, y justo antes de perderse por el pasillo se detuvo un momento, y como poseída por un pánico repentino echó una última mirada atrás, buscando entre la gente, y le encontró, sonriendole de vuelta una última vez.

Una Poema: The Broken Muñeca

The Broken Muñeca
1 year ago an unexpected surprise arrived
1 year ago she fell into a well
1 year ago she broke the bones in her body
1 year ago she almost died
1 year ago the world fell apart

1 year ago she collected her broken limbs and ran away to hide
1 year ago she sat on the floor day after day and glued herself back together

1 year ago today she stands in front of a mirror to see herself put back together again

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


One of my favorite types of music is PUNK and some of my favorite places punk comes from (besides UK and America) is Latin America, Spain, etc so I was very pleased to see my friend Robert Rose launched his new record label PUNK OUTLAW Records!!

The digital record label will initially focus on 360 degree partnerships importing music from emerging punk & independent artists. Now that's something I wanna dig my teeth into, yummy!!!


- Emerging Label Signs Two Latin American Punk Bands, “Rudos Wild” & “Los Suziox” -

The AIM Tell-A-Vision® Group (AIM TV) announced today the launch of “Punk Outlaw Records” as part of their “Punk Outlaw® Productions content banner. The digital record label will initially focus on 360 degree partnerships importing music from emerging punk & independent artists.

AIM TV Founder, Robert G. Rose, formed Punk Outlaw Records when traveling abroad gathering material for his documentary “Punktology…The Worldwide Influence of Punk”. Rose witnessed firsthand that the DIY (Do It Yourself) spirit of punk music was very much alive and thriving in places where artists sacrificed tremendously to make music in the face of incredibly challenging circumstances.

The new record label’s roster of recently signed artists include “Rudos Wild” (Rough and Wild), a raucous, in your face punk and punkabilly band from Montevideo, Uruguay that has been performing since 2003. Rudos Wild plays straight up classic punk rock heavily influenced by rockabilly, psychobilly and artists such as Social Distortion, The Misfits, Johnny Cash, Elvis Presley, Stray Cats, The Clash, Tiger Army, The Living End and Reverend Horton Heat to name a few. Rudos Wild has independently recorded two full length CDs and toured extensively in Uruguay, Argentina and Chile.

Punk Outlaw Records also recently signed “Los Suziox” (The Dirty) a talented punk band hailing from the working class barrios of Medellin, Colombia. Los Suziox (LSZX) has independently recorded several tracks with a large repertoire of socially conscious songs that has garnered them legions of loyal fans in their native Colombia and throughout Latin America. LSZX’s musical influences are diverse and include bands like Stiff Little Fingers, Klamydia, The Addicts, The Clash, Konflikt, Ramones, Minor Threat, The Meteors & Stray Cats to name a few.

“Latin America is a hotbed of punk music and culture. Rudos Wild and Los Suziox represent the diversity and quality of the music being made there.” states Robert G. Rose, president of Punk Outlaw Records.

“American Latinos having a rich history of contributions and are a powerful force in the punk, psychobilly and rockabilly scenes in the U.S. today. With the changing nature of the music business and the declining influence of major labels, now is the perfect time to start an indie label that will help artists get their music to a wider audience. Our goal is to provide a platform to expose talented artists to a group of fans otherwise not able to experience important music that demands to be heard” Rose continues.

AIM TV Group and Punk Outlaw are wholly owned subsidiaries of Artist and Idea Management, Ltd, the pioneering creators of the long running, English language syndicated television series, American Latino TV and LatiNation which were sold to Los Angeles based LATV Networks in 2008 and are still airing in the U.S. via broadcast syndication and cable today.

For more information visit www.PunkOutlawRecords.com and www.AIMTVGroup.com

Thursday, September 16, 2010

VIVA MEXICO CABRONES!!! 2nite Nacotheque celebrates Mexican Independence!

It's days like this that remind me where my blood comes from and makes me proud. Even tho my skin is pale my veins carry spicy Mexican blood from my daddy; Guillermo Meneses (R.I.P.). The foto to the left is of my daddy (the handsome little boy in all white) celebrating his sisters bday in Mexico. The foto below that is of my daddy with his parents and his little sister who looks like a beautiful little Mexican doll!!

I remember sitting at my abuela's dinning room table in Mexico and contently eating sopa con sliced sausage. I was only 4yrs old but I can still remember walking through the market place and smelling freshly cooked street meat, roasted corn on the cob, and corn tortillas, MMMmmmm.

I used to dance in my parents living room to Mexican music and dancing in circles arm in arm with my baby brother (I really don't know what I was listening to, but I can guess it was mostly Nortenas). Hysterically laughing up a storm til my face turned red and my heart beat a million miles per hour.

Oh yes, Mexican runs through my veins and I'm proud of it! So tonight I'm happy to bring you the Nacotheque Mexican Independence party "Viva Mexico Cabrones"!!! I'm bringing spicy Mexican candies for everyone!!

Nacotheque & Hecho en Dumbo present VIVA MEXICO CABRONES @ Hecho en Dumbo
54 Bowery St, New York
$5 Cover, 21+
Doors: 10pm - 4am

Spicy mexican dulces for everyone!!!

The the Mexican "bicentenario" is here so let's celebrate cabrones!!
it's the biggest Mexican celebration pretty much ever.

During the year 2010, Mexico celebrates both the 200th anniversary of
its Independence and 100th anniversary of its Revolution. it's
basically the 4th of July for Mexico.

Resident DJs
Marcelo C. Baez


Monday, September 13, 2010

Sick in bed listening to soothing sounds by ARDNAXELA

The month of September has been an incredible adventure of awesome event production by yours truely. I ran my body empty through countless hours of sleepless nights and early wakeup calls.

I'm NOT complaining, but my body finally gave out. After friday night @ the Remezcla Musica launch party I woke up w/ a fever, stuffy nose, and a strong cough. Yuck! I hate being sickies.

Oh well, I guess it's time for watching movies in bed, drinking lots of water, catching up on lots of sleeeeeep, and listening to relaxing music. With that said I open my gmail to find a track sent to me by an indie pop artist from Puerto Rico ARDNAXELA. The track is called "Pelicula" and it's quick lovely along with the rest of a bunch more songs you can preview on her msypace.

Alexandra Rosa, better known as her alter ego ARDNAXELA, is a Mexico City-based singer/songwriter hailing from San Juan, Puerto Rico. After singing in several Indie-Pop bands, she went solo in 2005 and released the album 'Telecine De La Tarde Con Ardnaxela'.

Her musical influences range from Rocio Durcal, Burt Bacharach, Les Rita Mitsouko, The Smiths, Siouxsie and the Banshees to The Pixies, exploring musical territories from Mexico, Puerto Rico, Argentina and Spain. Ardnaxela will release her new EP 'Fantastidate' late 2010.

Friday, September 10, 2010

2NITE!!! Remezcla Musica Launch Party in NYC!!

Hawt party tonight in New York City!! We’ll be celebrating the Launch of Remezcla Musica!

WHEN: Friday, September 10th at 9:00pm
WHERE: Broadway East, 171 East Broadway, Manhattan (View Map)
AGE: 21+

“So to commemorate the launch of Remezcla Musica, we’re throwing a party for some of our closest friends at Broadway East on September 10th. We’ll have live acts like Niña Dioz, Maluca, Zuzuka Poderosa and Sunsplash, as well as a slew of our favorite DJs Orión, Comrade, D’Marquesina and Ethos to keep you well occupied.” – Remezcla

Saturday, September 4, 2010

2NITE in Brooklyn - SNOUT n' STOUT North Carolina-style pig roast & sidewalk party!

Tonight, Wed, Sept 4th I'm producing an awesome event w/ MeanRed Productions called SNOUT n' STOUT. They are rolling up the gates of a building on North 3rd in Williamsburg for an open-air, North Carolina-style pig roast & sidewalk party...sorry to my vegetarian friends, but I LOVE meat, haha!

Join us for a plateful of goodness (courtesy of Woody’s Pig Roast), craft beers, music, friends, & fam.

All are welcome to come, hang out, drink beer, but only folks who buy advanced tix will get a plate ‘o finger lickin food. So make sure to buy your tix online.

Whole Hog with three sauces (NC barbecue, Pineapple teriyaki, and Cuban mojo), Cole Slaw, Potato Salad, Caesar Salad or Fruit Salad.

:: Built By MeanRed
:: Hosted by Villains

WHEN : Saturday, September 4th
WHERE : 50 N. 3rd (btw Wythe & Kent, Brooklyn)
DOORS : 6pm – 10pm
COVER : Free, $10 – $15 per plate of food (advanced tix)