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Friday, October 22, 2010

I was a weird kid...Obama you think you coulda helped the taunting?

I was bullied and made fun of for being different all through grade school. It was the worst feeling in the world and I definitely suffered from all the taunting and poking fun mentally and physically for many years. Since moving to NYC at 17 I have since realized how awesome it is to be unique. [Photo to the left is me at 15yrs dressed up a Drag Queen after wathcing the movie Priscilla Queen of the Desert] More fun pictures below...

If I could say one thing to the kids who harassed me almost everyday in school it would be "F*CK YOU, YOU F*CKNG FUCKS!! You didn't get the best of me!!!" Hopefully Obama's efforts w/ his "IT GETS BETTER" project will help some kids not have to go through the torture I did. Crossing fingers...

www.whitehouse.gov: Recently, several young people have taken their own lives after being bullied for being gay – or perceived as being gay – by their peers. Their deaths are shocking and heartbreaking tragedies. No one should have to endure relentless harassment or tormenting. No one should ever feel so alone or desperate that they feel they have nowhere to turn. We each share a responsibility to protect our young people. And we also have an obligation to set an example of respect and kindness, regardless of our differences.

This is personal to me. When I was a young adult, I faced the jokes and taunting that too many of our youth face today, and I considered suicide as a way out. But I was fortunate. One of my co-workers recognized that I was hurting, and I soon confided in her. She cared enough to push me to seek help. She saved my life. I will always be grateful for her compassion and support – the same compassion and support that so many kids need today.

In the wake of these terrible tragedies, thousands of Americans have come together to share their stories of hope and encouragement for LGBT youth who are struggling as part of the It Gets Better Project. Their messages are simple: no matter how difficult or hopeless life may seem when you’re a young person who’s been tormented by your peers or feels like you don’t fit in: life will get better.

President Obama is committed to ending bullying, harassment and discrimination in all its forms in our schools and communities. That’s why he recorded this message.

Last year, the Departments of Education and Health and Human Services joined forces with four other departments to create a federal task force on bullying. In August 2010, the task force staged the first-ever National Bullying Summit, bringing together 150 top state, local, civic, and corporate leaders to begin mapping out a national plan to end bullying. The task force also launched a new website, www.bullyinginfo.org, which brings all the federal resources on bullying together in one place for the first time ever.

Friday, October 15, 2010

My 2010 Halloween Mix is ready to make you spooky!!

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. I always love having an excuse to wear costumes...and glitter, eat candy, and listen to halloweeny songs!

Last year I created a Halloween mix w/ all music in Spanish just for fun and it was quite popular. I decided to make another one but I mixed it up w/ English and Spanish-sung music, some dance remixes of classics, and even a couple of horror movie sound clips:)

The mix is called "Amor y Sangre" and I think it's pretty entertaining. I hope you enjoy it and listen to it while you get all dolled up in your Halloween costume this year!

Thank you to Vogue Paris magazine for the promo image that inspired the name of this mix. I somehow find Love and Blood to go well together...like sex and chocolate?!? xoxo

Amylulita's "Amor y Sangre" Halloween Mix 2010 by Amylulita
1. Intro
2. Everyday is Halloween - Ministry
3. Sangre - Paralisis Permanente
4. What's Inside a Girl - The Cramps
5. Cine De Terror - Los Cretinos
6. Pet Sematary - The Ramones
7. Swing Lobo in Puerto Rico - Mataplantas
8. Ghostbusters (Dance Mix) - Thoko
9. Los Muertos Pueden Bailar - Easy Snap
10. Weird Science (dance mix) - Oingo Boingo
11. Good night, Herr Doktor (sound clip)
12. Fantasmas - Ole Ole
13. Thriller - Michael Jackson
14. Soy Dracula - McNamara
15. Halloween - Siouxsie & The Banshees
16. A Nightmare on Elm Street (sound clip)

Yea!!! Spanish Punk Legends SKA-P @ Irving Plaza

SKA-P, the iconic ska-punk rock outfit from Madrid, Spain, will be playing a rare, one-night-only concert at New York's Irving Plaza on Saturday, November 11th. Tickets are $34.50 and are available at LiveNation.com.

Ska-P's songs feature an infectious and energic vibe, with the rockers mostly singing about non-conformity and individuality, criticizing capitalism and racism, and defending equal justice for all people. Throughout their career, Ska-P has backed up their words with actions, taking part in various multicultural, alternative and anti-globalization festivals and protests. After wildly successful tours throughout Europe and South America in the 90's and early 00's, Ska-P took a hiatus, much to the chagrin of their fans, to pursue side projects, and personal endeavors. The band reformed in 2008 and toured South America and Europe, before releasing Lágrimas y Gozos. New York was not a stop on that tour however, but now for the first time in years, Ska-P will perform at the legendary home of rock & roll in New York City, Irving Plaza.