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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Best of BOOTIE 2010 Mix Download it or DIE!

This is the sound of BOOTIE, the world's biggest mashup bootleg party, with regular parties in several cities on four continents.

The "Best of Bootie 2010" mix is pretty much the soundtrack to Bootie, crammed into a nearly 80-minute mix -- from the early-in-the night ramp-up to the prime-time dancefloor bangers to the last-call drunken kookiness to the end-of-the-night sentimental slow jams, this is what a real mashup party sounds like.

I first experienced BOOTIE at 2005 or 2006 NYE's party in San Fran. I was blown away w/ the mash ups and the posters on the walls of "mashed up" artists faces. I ran up to BOOTIE Djs Adrian & Mysterious D like a little kid in a candy store. Big smile on my face and introduced myself. We kept in contact and I invited them to DJ in NYC. Ever since they've built a NYC fanbase and today have a full blown BOOTIE NYC party established.

BOOTIE is all about the love for music, art, costumes, having fun, being smart, creativity, and proving to the world that you can be different and it's alright :) My love for BOOTIE stands strong. Love you A&D!!

If you haven't been to a BOOTIE NYC party you NEED to go to the next one on Sat, Jan 29th @ Public Assembly. If you don't live in NYC they have other BOOTIE parties in San Fran, LA, and even in other countries like Brazil and France, etc, etc.

Take a listen and download the Best of BOOTIE 2010 Mix

Best Of Bootie 2010 by bootie

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