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Thursday, December 2, 2010

NEW DJ mix "Viva Las Vegas" ready for download!

Here's a little ditty for ya my newest DJ mix "Viva Las Vegas" inspired by late night romps down the strip in Las Vegas this past November.

We had fun...a LOT of fun. Normally people say "what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas", but I think it depends on how you tell the story. Just see this DJ mix as me whispering in your ear a little secret of what happened. Close your eyes and enjoy the music;-)


1. Viva Las Vegas (Josh Wildfire remix) - Elvis
2. Egoa-sta -
3. Jogo do entra e Sai - Zuzuka Poderosa
4. What you need (Beat Buffet remix) - Tiga
5. Toma Que Toma - Cochi Cortes
6. Felicidad (Yogu mix) - Raffaella Carra
7. Sexy Robot (Quemadiscos mix) - The Pinker Tones
8. No Hay Nada Que Perder - Bufi
10. Two of Hearts (Ignacio Redard) – Kinder Porno
11. ??? – El Chombo
12. Son Bereju - ???
13. Candela – Los Capi
14. Cumbia Skank – Los Hermanos Latinos

Amylulita's Viva Las Vegas Mix by Amylulita

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