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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Scenes From the 10th Annual Kustom Kills & Hot Rod Thrills Car Show Fotos by Alexander Thompson

I love all sorts of fashion, music, scenes, hair styles, and shoes, but there are a few styles/scenes that I have a sweet spot for in my heart. One of those includes pin-up girls in blood, red lipstick, Betty Page black hair/Lucille Ball red hair/Marilyn Monroe blonde bombshells, pencil thin skirts, boobies, greasers, slicked back pompadours, tight blue jeans w/ a cuff, and white t-shirts w/ cigarette packs rolled up in the sleeve....oOoooohhh so hawt! Grrrrrrrrr. Um, did it just get hot or was it just me?

Anyways, I just wanted to share w/ you some fun fotos by Alexander Thompson for PAPER magazine - Scenes From the 10th Annual Kustom Kills & Hot Rod Thrills Car Show!

This past weekend marked the 10th Annual "Kustom Kills & Hot Rod Thrills" car show for the Rumblers Car Club NYC. This greasy annual hot rod fest, held under the B.Q.E. in Williamsburg, featured a vast array of pre-1964 American hot rods and kustoms -- cars with vintage customizing. The car show has grown immensely popular throughout the years, as people travel from all over the east coast to not only exhibit and see the amazing hot rods on display, but to drink beer, eat burgers and see bands. This year's musical highlights included King Sickabilly, Toothless George & His One-Man Band, Al & The Black Cats, and Those Hated Hearts. The best of the day, however, included the procession of cars peeling out of the parking lot at the end of the day, revving up their engines and burning rubber down Metropolitan. Long live The Rumblers!
- Alexander Thompson

See more fotos from the event here: http://www.papermag.com/2010/08/kustom_kills_hot_rod_thrills_10th.php

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