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Friday, May 14, 2010

Poema: Strange Dance...Danza Extraña

Baila cuando esta feliz
Dance when you're happy
Baila cuando esta enfadado
Dance when you're angry
Baila cuando esta triste
Dance when you're sad
Baila cuando esta enamorado
Dance when you're in love
Baila cuando esta frustrado
Dance when you're frustrated

Make your blood boil from lust
Make your body sweat from passion
Make your eyes sting from tears
Make your mouth thirst for drink
Make your skin bruise from anger
Make your arms bleed from blades
Make your feet ache from dancing
Make your knuckles crack from building
Make your brain swell from knowledge
Make your heart break from lost love
Make your heart mend from new found love

Baila en las calles
Dance in the streets
Baila en los clubs
Dance in the clubs
Baila en las bodas
Dance in the weddings
Baila en su cuartos
Dance in your room
Baila en su mente
Dance in your head
Baila en su corazón
Dance in your heart

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