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Monday, April 19, 2010


"FEEL THE ZUZZ" album release party for KOKO DOZO

"Tunes like "Lay That Body Down" and "Bastards in Bazbador" sound amazing on the pavement of the Lower East Side.." - Peter Davis, PaperMag.com

"And that's the heart of Koko Dozo, a hodgepodge pop entity that's bathed in dance music's more glammy, grimy past and full of the early 80s excess that birthed pop music from its disco father and mother." - Jeff Meltz, The Culture of Me

"Perhaps most importantly, the songs themselves are tuneful little ear-borers, harking back to NYC clubland’s ’80s heyday—these tracks would have killed at Danceteria." - Bruce Tantum, Time Out NY

"From the opening rhythms of "Spaceman," the listener knows they're in for something completely different than the normal dance/electronica fare. A hybrid cross of something basic and primal, yet sleek and shiny, it's sure to fill the dance floor of any club it's played at."- Connie Phillips Blogcritics.com

Schtick Shift & No BS Tuesdays
A Nightlife Makeover

8pm-10pm $5 Drink Specials

10-11pm vodka open bar

Special performance for the Koko Dozo Feel The Zuzz!
Release Party

Deluxe Performance at Midnight!

DJs Amylulita
Sean MF'in Roberts ( Unstoppable Perfect)

Brought to you by
Deryck Todd
Etie Khan
Michael Gogel

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