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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Paz & Amor mix!!!! Download it NOW

This mix can either be a sit at your desk and snap your fingers or a toe tapping indie fix on your ipod. It's definitely not a crazy dance party mix, but that's what I wanted...indie rock and pop from the heart. It makes me feel at peace with a great big smile on my face. ENJOY!!

1. Illegal En Estyle – Pilar Diaz
2. No te metas a mi facebook – Esteman
3. Ecima De Ti – Arthur Yoria
4. La Mistica Esprial – Adrianigual
5. Tu Necesidad – Onvi
6. Jamas – Telegrama
7. Eras mi persona favorita – Teleradio Donoso
8. Advertencia – Primera De Praga
9. Vas Voy - Zenttric
10. A Marte – Pastilla
11. Carmelo – Vainilla
12. Bailan – L-Kan
13. Que Bonito – Babaluca
14. Decorado – Marcelo Ezquiaga
15. Peace & Love – Zoe
16. Llueve Sobre La Ciudad – Los Bunkers
17. Fascinado – Sidonie
18. Septiembre no esta tan lejos – Nadadora
19. Tu y Yo – Something In Spanish
20. Valentina – Carla Morrison


Anonymous said...

really good! i like it!!:)

Anonymous said...

This is great ! I just wish I could download it onto my ipod :(

Amylu Meneses said...

how come you can't put it onto your ipod? I have it on my itunes...hmmm.

Lucas said...

LOVE it! ~jRoig

Amylu Meneses said...

yea! gracias JRoig