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Friday, October 16, 2009



NEW YORK, NY - The anticipation is getting higher with only two more monthly Nacotheque parties at Fontana’s this October ‘09. On Sat, October 24th Nacotheque will present the queen of anarcumbia Amandititita from Mexico City (filming scenes for a music video) which will also be the official Halloween costume party and the last Nacotheque monthly party at Fontana’s!

For the past two years the producers of Nacotheque Marcelo Cunning and Amylu Meneses held a bi-month party in the basement of Fontana’s. After many fun-filled nights the producers decided to go back to doing one-off special events when the time is right.

The Nacotheque parties have been going on for three and a half years in NYC and the producers assure everyone the party’s not over yet…

Live performance:
Oct, 26 – Amandititita (also filming scenes for her new music video)
Cover: $10 at the door / $8 w/ RSVP@shawpromotion.com

Location: Fontana’s (in the basement) - 105 Eldridge St btwn Broome & Grand St.
Time: 11:00PM – 4AM
Age Limit: 21+ w/ ID
OPEN BAR: 11pm - 12am SVEDKA Vodka


ABOUT AMANDITITITA: myspace.com/amandititita

THE ANARCHUMBIA QUEEN - Anarcumbia definition: Anarchist cumbia, sarcastic satire of everyday life. Amandititita definition: A very short form for her name, Amanda Escalante. Born in Tampico,Tamaulipas, Mexico on the third day of August,l979. Studied at SOGEM The General Society of Mexican Writers and later on at Escuela Dinámica de Escritores (Dynamic School of Writers), directed by Mario Bellatin. Among her teachrers were Elsa Cross, Daniel Sada, Sergio Pitol, Hugo Arguelles and Guillermo Fadanelli. She studied Drama with French teacher Phillipe Eustachon and performed at the Mexico City Museum and Ollin Yoliztli Theater. She writes stories and novels but for the time being she writes songs, and performs them with colored crinolines.

At 14, she started writing poetry and stories. But her appearance in the world of music was only five years ago. Lyrics were written on napkins due to the lack of a computer and over karaoke tracks she placed the lyrics. With these simple songs she sang in different places in Mexico and Europe. Until she found a piece of paper that read “If you have lyrics but you are missing the music... Call now!” She called, and behind the phone speaker she found a composer that for 600 pesos made the music for METROSEXUAL, LA MATA VIEJITAS, LA MUY MUY, LA MICROBUSERA and others. At the time she was living in a single room on the top floor of a building, but in Condesa. She made 3000 pesos a month working in an advertisement agency, spent 2000 on rent, and had to manage how to make ends meet, buying food, and saving to pay for the music of her songs.

All a social phenomenon. Relentless fighter for freedom of speech. Her songs have urban themes, with a hidden social criticism. Her songs tell about the slums, the dark side of Mexico, places that generally do not inspire to make a song, like a government office where the secretary who is in love with the manager, (Viernes de Quincena), the frustrated wife with a drunk husband, (A Chingar Te Vas), or a nurse that kills old ladies, or a dark skin woman that wants to be blonde to be on TV (La Güera Televisa), or the typical man who extremely worries about his body, (Metrosexual). Amanditita is inspired by the everyday news. Her songs are played on commercial radio stations, in La Que Buena and Exa, because her lyrics are rock but her music is cumbia, it is a popular product.

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